is an e-commerce site under the umbrella of Quintet Alliance Pvt. Ltd. Being a newcomer in this arena of business, it commenced its journey by providing an online shopping platform in 2021. Within this short span of time, it has become unbelievably popular among people and it’s becoming more and more popular day by day. The uniqueness of this site is that, it covers a wide range of categories unlike other sites. It provides every necessary item a person may need starting from grocery to books. It provides branded products for men and women in case of clothing, footwear, apparel, jewelry, electronic items, plastic goods, gadgets, bikes & scooters, books and so on.

The head of is located in House no. 33/a, Dhanmondi Road-07, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. All the operations of are conducted from there. The official website can be found at and f-commerce site is of the same name.Same team members work on both the sectors as both of them require same kind of attention.

In near future, He has a vision to expand this business globally.The aim of this company is to provide quality level service to people so that people get more used to shopping from online sites. We will tryto earn the trust of our customers by providing quality products and the fastest delivery service. The Director of the mother company has been looking after other sectors of the mother company whereas the Executive Director of the company looks after the legal sectors as well as the interrelation between other concerns.

It’s a very good platform for the vendors as well. encourages vendor to engage with the business by introducing cross-promotion process. It helps promoting vendor’s brands by introducing their products via digital marketing, different promotional work, advertising, kiosks and so on. The business policy varies depending on the products and terms and conditions of the deed. The deed is to be fixed upon the demand of both the parties.